kurumsal-solZAVIYE has been supplying Injection Carbon, Granular Carbon and Refractory Materials (Firebricks, Fireproof Concrete and Fireclay) to our country’s iron and steel industry since 1992. Zaviye that offers services for Turkey’s leading steel production companies, exports to many manufacturers in three continents in the world market.
Injection Carbon, Granular Carbon, EBT, RBT, Tundish support sand, Ductile cast carbon, Firebricks, Fefractory
firebricks, Fefractory mortar and concrete, Anthracite, (metallurgical) metals, Graphite electrodes and Ferro
alloys are always available in our stocks. Zaviye offers exceptional services to its customers by delivering products in bulk trailers or in FIBC Bags and making Graphite and Electrode assessment.